Did you ever wonder why your orders come in Amazon boxes?

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Did you ever wonder why your orders come in Amazon boxes?

At the first glance, our packing might not look sustainable or environmentally friendly, and you might ask yourself why doesn't a place like Camphill Village use a different option for its packaging, since there are many options available on the market these days.

The answer is that you’re actually receiving previously used packaging that’s been received by Camphill Village’s community members throughout the year. Our community’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond reusing and recycling as many materials as possible. We also compost in all the households throughout Camphill Village, as well as in our café and coffee shop. In our eyes, saving all these materials from going to landfills and decreasing the consumption of new materials is the most sustainable option.

Camphill Village Store recycle

The new workspace for our online store allows us to expand our recycling efforts. With more space, we are able to keep a bigger stock of recycled boxes. It is crucial for us to have a large variety of boxes on hand, so we can always find the right size for each order.

With nearly 300 people living here in Camphill Village Copake we receive a great number of boxes every week. We collect boxes and packaging materials from the Coop, the medical office, and the households. Our crew sorts out all the useable boxes and stacks them up in our new workshop space. We also collect bubble wrap, air pillows, and wrapping paper, which we sort out as well.

Once we have it all organized, we can pack the next orders in an efficient and the same time ecological way.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to make a difference.

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