In late February and early March, silver buckets line our pathways and forest edges, filling with sap from the many sugar maples maintained by our Estate crew. For decades, the residents of our Village have looked forward to seeing a plume of smoke hovering over our sugarhousea sign that they’re welcome to stop in for a fresh, warm sample of the season’s latest batch.

Unlike the Village’s other workspaces that are generally in one place, the Estate crew is all over the Village, taking care of us. They clear tree limbs and other debris from our roads and foot paths, they responsibly manage our forests to make sure we all have enough firewood for the winter, they shovel snow so our walkways are safe and accessible, and they perform the sweetest task of all: tapping the Village maple trees and making hundreds of gallons of fresh maple syrup in the spring.

Camphill Village Store Maple Syrup Production

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