The Healing Plant Garden and its herbal studio bring person and plant closer together, growing and providing high-quality herbal products that are provided to residents and visitors of Camphill Village, as well as local customers in the Berkshire Taconic region. The garden hosts more than 300 plant species, some of which are medicinal, and some that are culinary herbs. Some are grown for their beauty, their form, the color of their blossoms, or because they express something strange, unique, or archetypal.

The garden is situated on two acres of south-facing sloped land with good sun exposure in Camphill Village, Copake. The inspirations found within Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic growing text “Agriculture Course”guide us in creating the most favorable conditions for an optimal manifestation of each species of plant. 

Camphill Village Store Healing Plant

Lavender, calendula, arnica, and sage are some of the herbs that we use to make our salves, creams, and ointments. These herbs were prized by ancient peoples for their curative virtues, just as they are today. We aim to free their natural restorative qualities by transforming them into usable topical forms that can be enjoyed by our customers.

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