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Crafting pure beeswax, bringing a golden flame into your home

The Candleshop at Camphill Village Copake

Nature is our studio’s source of raw materials. For centuries, beeswax has been the natural choice of candle makers. The expression “busy as a bee” means very busy indeed; one bee may visit a thousand flowers a day, and they must visit approximately one million flowers to produce eight ounces of honey and one ounce of beeswax.

Beeswax candles produce the delightful, sweet fragrance of honey, and are renowned for their purity, giving joy and inspiration whenever they are lit. The warm, golden flame of a beeswax candle radiates a clear, soft light, incomparable in beauty or brilliance. They are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, they burn cleaner and longer, with little smoke when trimmed properly, as they are not oil-based. 

Our candles are hand dipped and hand molded with great care. They are biodegradable and undergo no chemical processing, as the Candleshop uses only 100% pure beeswax from a local source in New York State. The only other added ingredients are love, care and devotion.

Established in 1978, the Candleshop started as a therapeutic space, where our residents dipped candles to be used in our homes. Slowly, with help from more friends and volunteers, we expanded the production line to make more candles for other Camphill communities, as well as gift shops around the Hudson Valley, Waldorf schools, Etsy and other retail and online distributors. We now create close to 100 different products.

We offer candles in many sizes, and many colors for special occasions. We offer tapers, looped candles, tea lights, votives, and molded candles in various diameters and lengths. And we can make custom candles to meet your specifications.

For wholesale inquiries, please email candleshop@camphillvillage.org.

The whole hive is really pervaded by the life of love. The individual bees relinquish love but develop it instead throughout the hive. And so we start to understand bee existence if we recognize that the bee lives in an air, an atmosphere, that is entirely impregnated with love.

(Rudolf Steiner, The World of Bees)