Camphill Village 60th Anniversary Raffle - Everyone wins!

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Camphill Village 60th Anniversary Raffle - Everyone wins!

As the 60th anniversary events are filling the village with happiness and joy, memories and stories are coming to life. The weaving essence between community and the individual becomes apparent as the main substance of village life. We would like to share with you one of these stories from the Bookbindery craft studio; a more recent “success” story. 

Andreas Treasures

Andrea’s Treasure
This is the story of Andrea Baring. A pinkish lavish lady with jewelry eyes that spread positivity and joy wherever she goes. Andrea always loved beads, from the day she remembers herself. Throughout the years, she developed this hobby with the help of her parents, siblings, friends, caregivers and many other people she came in contact with. She took courses and accumulated a rich collection of beads she loves and adores. She dreamed of becoming a famous jewelry maker and one day having a brand.

But Andrea needed help. With her short attention span, like a little jumping bead herself, she needed something to thread her dreams together. Working in the Candleshop next door, Andrea would come to the Bookbindery to make sure everyone was happy. The paper beads that Peter diligently rolls (an amazing individual story of its own), was a main attraction to her. And that is how it came about that Andrea would join the Bookbindery part time, to develop her hobby and have the space and assistant that was needed to create her dream treasures. It was not easy to prevent those beads from rolling and jumping all around the shop, to silence the distractions that were calling her attention, and to let her precious beads go, so they can become a bracelet or a neckless and then to say goodbye. Like our saying in the workshop, “Give it to the world”.
Andrea’s first tryout in the local Christmas Yule Fair was a huge success, with everything sold out.
I would often tell Andrea (to encourage her to give up her beads): “let go and you will get back ten times more”. And before long, the saying became a reality.

Donations keep coming
“Beads are contagious”, like Andrea says, because many members of the Bookbindery started to do beading as well. Very skillfully and joyfully, too. It quickly became known in the village that the Bookbindery crew started to thread, and various people donated their beads to us. Miraculously, the wave rippled far and wide and we also started to get jewelry donations from the greater community, and from friends and acquaintances of the village.

Recently, we got a huge donation of jewelry, many made out of crystals. Andrea appreciated this very much, naming the different crystals, after the virtues that they hold and the healing effect that they promise. 

Camphill Village Raffle - everyone wins!
As we encourage Andrea: “This is the time to give to the world”. Ten times and more has come our way, and we would like to share the abundance with you. That is why we are launching this raffle sale celebrating our 60th anniversary. We invite you to purchase a ticket to one of the three jewelry surprise gift boxes: Beauty ($25), Magic ($50) and Treasure ($100). Each surprise box contains valuable jewelry made with gem stones (donated) as well as various jewelry items made in the Bookbindery. Andrea says that a good piece of jewelry with beads, pearls or crystals will surely make you happy and attract good energy and luck to your life. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for being a friend and a customer of Camphill Village.
Happy 60th Anniversary!

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