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Handcrafted hardwood toys and gifts for entertaining

The Woodshop at Camphill Village Copake

Our wooden utensils and toys are handcrafted with much attention to detail. We use wood from our own sustainably managed estate, as well as reclaimed wood that has been donated to us by conscientious businesses and friends. For finishing materials we only use raw linseed oil and beeswax polish. These biodegradable, ecological plant and animal products bring out the natural color and beauty of the carefully finished items we make.

We offer many chopping boards of different sizes, as well as our distinctive trivets, seasonal candleholders, and toast tongs. Our items range from small ornamental decorations and children’s toys to the full-sized furniture that we enjoy in our extended family households.

Most of our pieces are forged over the course of many hours by our dedicated crew of Woodshop workers. From its very beginning, the Woodshop at Camphill Village has been a place where traditional craft is skilfully practiced and each individual working in the shop, regardless of ability or level of individual needs, finds meaningful work that benefits our community.

Wood is ideal for kitchen utensils and children’s toys, since it is naturally antibacterial, exceptionally long lasting, and has a warm and beautiful aesthetic not easily imitated by artificial materials. It is not uncommon for the most cherished wooden toys to outlast years of loving play and be passed on to the next generation of children. In todays ever-accelerating throw-away culture, we feel this can be a vital moment in a child’s development as the experience of connecting with a durable, handmade toy can be instrumental in teaching the superiority of quality and longevity over quantity and waste.

Wooden blocks have delighted and entertained children for centuries. Our interlocking wooden blocks, hand crafted from finely sanded oak and finished in raw linseed oil, are ingredients for hours of entertainment. Durable and easy to use, they are a recipe for full family fun.