Our bakery is one of the most beloved places in our Village. We work hard to incorporate organic ingredients and a passion for traditional bread making techniques into every product we make. All of our flour is sourced locally and much of it arrives in the form of grain where it is stone-milled on site, sifted and incorporated into our breads.

Many of our bakers have been working for more than 20 years — to bake bread in our wood-fired oven.The wood comes directly from our Estate workshop where it is sustainable harvested. We work together, shaping dough, placing it carefully in proofing baskets so it rises and then bake it at temperatures between 225 and 300 degrees Celsius.

We produce a large variety of baked goods like rolls, cookies, biscotti, granola, and Pizza. Our cookies are hand scooped and baked in small batches, insuring that freshness and quality are maintained. 

And we’re so glad to now be able to offer all four varies of our delicious cookies to our online shoppers. We hope you’ll enjoy them!