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Show your friends you care. Send someone a unique gift from our home grown and hand crafted products with a real social impact.

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Healing Plant
Three Herbal Infusions for the Day - Tea Gift box
The Healing Plant at Camphill Village is delighted to bring you a taste of our unique tea blends in a special gift box. The cardboard packaging has been hand stamped in collaboration with our Bookbindery.
The ingredients in these high-quality blends were grown with care in our vibrant biodynamic garden before...
Healing Plant
Saveur de Terroirs - Three Seasoning Blends Gift Box
The Healing Plant is delighted to bring you a taste of our unique seasoning blends to accompany your cooking and meals. These high-quality blends come from our gardens and have been used and loved for many years by the residents of Camphill Village Copake. They are made with roots, leaves and...
Candle Shop
Golden Treasure Candles Gift Box
Our 14 pure beeswax tapers packed in a beautiful golden gift box are the perfect present for any occasion. This box is a real treasure because we chose our best tapers for these boxes, and each box was signed by the person who dipped the candles.
Our 100% pure and...
Candle shop
Sirius - Star & Candles Gift Box
This gift box was born out of collaboration between the Woodshop and the candleshop and contains 6 beeswax candles with a star candle holder - a perfect gift for candle lovers.
Our Sirius star candle holders are handmade in our Wood shop from reclaimed, recycled or locally harvested hardwoods such as maple, cherry, walnut...
Paper Crafts
Jewelry Surprise Box
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As we encourage Andrea: “This is the time to give to the world”. Ten times and more has come our way, and we would like to share the abundance with you. 
We invite you to purchase a ticket to one of the three jewelry surprise gift boxes: Beauty ($25), Magic...
Paper Crafts
LOVE Beads - Set of 3
$10.00 $5.00
Everyone needs Love. LOVE beads were popular among counterculture movements during the 1960s and 1970s. They consist of one or more long strings of multicolored beads worn together and draped loosely or stacked.Our LOVE necklaces are handmade with patience and love by our community members for someone special like you...
Camphill Village Store
Gift Wrapping
We offer gift wrapping and a card with your personalized note.