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Healing Plant
Yarrow Sulfur Ointment
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Combines oils and herbs traditionally used for mild skin irritations of the feet.
Ingredients: Calendula*, comfrey*, garlic*, echinacea*, figwort*, yarrow*, organic olive, castor, sunflower & safflower oils, beeswax, lanolin, shea butter, sulfur, cetostearyl alcohol.
*Biodynamic® ingredients
The Healing Plant garden and its herbal craft studio bring people and plants closer together. Our Biodynamic® garden...
Zippered Pouch
Our zippered pouches are expertly handwoven using 100% 8/4 cotton by skilled weavers on our floor loom. Each design is unique and versatile, with the weavers personally involved in every step of the process - from choosing the color of the fiber to setting up the loom and the actual...