Our wooden Sirius star candle holder is handmade in our Woodshop from reclaimed flooring timber (walnut). Finished in raw linseed oil and with an inlay made of copper, it's the perfect match for our beeswax candles.

Our 100% pure and natural beeswax taper candles are hand dipped and finished for a beautiful addition to any home. They burn clean, are dripless, create a perfect ambiance, and will leave your home smelling great! These taper candles have a 5/8” base and fit perfectly in the Sirius star candle holder.

Measurement: 4.5" tall x 5/8" diameter.
Colors: Natural (Yellow-Orange)

Our Candleshop only uses 100% pure beeswax to create each unique, hand-dipped beeswax candle. Naturally golden in color, our beeswax candles have a lovely honey scent when lit, and are free of the toxins emitted by commercially made paraffin candles. We only use 100% cotton wicks, which have no wires or chemical treatment.