The Healing Plant is delighted to bring you a taste of our unique seasoning blends to accompany your cooking and meals. These high-quality blends come from our gardens and have been used and loved for many years by the residents of Camphill Village Copake. They are made with roots, leaves, and flowers that are grown biodynamically®  and harvested at their optimum development to ensure vivid flavor for months. You can enjoy our savory herb blends in a variety of grilled meats, vegetarian dishes, marinades, stews, and dressings. Add a French, Italian, or spicy flavor to your dishes and use our Herb Salt for cooking or sprinkling over prepared meals. We are so glad to share them with you.

Saveur De Provence - SOUTHERN FRENCH HERB BLEND (Basil, savory, lemon thyme, oregano, rosemary, parsley, lavender, sage, lovage, tarragon.)
NET WT 1 OZ/28 gr

Saveur Italienne - ITALIAN SEASONING HERB BLEND (Basil, parsley, savory, sage, lovage, garlic, hyssop.)
NET WT 1.8 OZ/51 gr

Saveur Épicée - GARLIC & CHILI BLEND (Garlic powder, Ground chili.)
NET WT 5 OZ/141 gr

Herb Salt - SEA SALT & HERBS BLEND (Sea salt, basil, savory, thyme, oregano, rosemary, parsley, sage, lovage, garlic, nettle, dill, hyssop.)
NET WT 4.4 OZ/126 gr

All herbs are 100% Biodynamic®.

Our seasoning blends gift box contains four glass jars.