Our Journey

Saskia Mungard

From the first Camphill house in 1961 to the reopening of our Village Green Café, Coffeeshop and Giftshop complex. Our aim is to celebrate and honor the dignity of each individual in our community. This video shows a small glimpse on how we live and work with people with developmental differences in an integrated community setting.


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COVID-19 Information

Ilan Ronen
The Camphill Store is glad to report that we’re hunkered down and safe, and stocked with all the wonderful ways you can stay connected to Village life. 
While our craft studios are currently closed to insure the safety of all who live in the Village, we are still able to send out the items that were created in our craft studios beforehand. And if there are items that you were accustomed to purchasing at our brick and mortar location in Camphill Village that you don’t see on our web site, it’s very likely that we can accommodate a custom order. Just email us and we can get back to you! 
What’s more, there is now an option on our online shop, where you can choose to pick up your package from a designated location just before the Village entrance. All you have to do is choose the pick up delivery option when you check out. And of course it’s free. You will get an email with instruction how and where to pick up your order once ready. We hope this will make it easier for those who are local to the Village and need to receive their packages sooner than later. 
Now more than ever, the Camphill Store is relying on our web orders to continue to reach new and existing customers. We are receiving your messages, and we are so touched by your concern and well wishes. We know it’s not the same as being able to visit the Village in person, but at least we can help you bring a piece of the Village into your home.

Stay well. We’ll see you before we know it.

From all of us at Camphill Village Store.

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Maple Syrup: A Sweet Process

Ilan Ronen

In early March, the nights are cold and the days are warmer and sunny. These are the ideal conditions for tapping sugar maple trees. In North America, sugar maples are tapped as far southwest as the State of Missouri, and as far northeast as Nova Scotia.

While larger maple syrup operations use an efficient system of tubes stretching through the forest and draining into one single large collection container, Camphill Village still employs the traditional hands-on approach to tapping our sugar maples.

camphill Village Maple Syrup

If you visit us during maple season, you’ll be delighted to see every pathway and patch of forest adorned with glistening aluminum buckets. Each sugar maple on our property receives a drilled hole into which we insert the tap before hanging one of the 13-quart buckets unattended to collect the sap until we return to that tree.

You may think 13 quarts produces a lot of syrup, but that’s not the case. In fact, there’s a 40 to 1 sap to syrup ratio! We’re lucky to be able to boil the hundreds of gallons of sap that we collect in our own sugarhouse.

Camphill Village Maple Syrup making

We load firewood into our cast iron woodstove, and boil the syrup all day until it’s ready to bottle.

So if you’re in the Village in early spring and you catch a glimpse of smoke billowing out of the sugarhouse, stop in for a fresh sample of one of our most celebrated traditions. You can also order some HERE.

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Beeswax - Nature in its amazing way

Ilan Ronen

Camphill Village Store Beeswax

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by female honeybeesthe workhorses of the colony. They use it to form cells (honeycombs) within the beehive, where their honey is stored. For centuries, beeswax has had various applications through many aspects of human life.

Good for your skin
When mixed with other natural ingredients (such as essential oils and honey) beeswax is a great choice for natural cosmetics, especially skin products: moisturizing creams, acne remedies, stretch marks and anti-aging solutions as well as fungal and skin infection treatments. Beeswax has an amazing ability to moisturize the skin, protect against irritants, and repair rough, dry or chapped areas while still allowing the skin to breathe. Beeswax is rich in vitamin A and possesses other soothing properties that soften and re-hydrate the skin, assisting in healthy skin cellular reconstruction.
If you suffer from cracked or chapped lips, our Healing Plant lip balm can provide much-needed relief.

Good for your body
Beeswax offers mild anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral characteristics that are not only beneficial for our skin, but for our bodies as well. A study published in the Korean Journal of Internal Medicine found that beeswax alcohols mitigate fatty liver disease and improve cholesterol levels. As a natural remedy, beeswax is used in natural and homeopathic products to assist in relieving pain associated with inflammation. Other remedies include beeswax as an ingredient to treat respiratory-related symptoms like cough.

Good for your Soul
For good reason, many of us think of candles when the topic of beeswax arises. Beeswax candles relieve stress and promote relaxation, and unlike synthetic paraffin-derived candles that could be detrimental to your health, our 100% beeswax candles burn brighter and longer while giving off a sweet, warming honey aroma.  

Camphill Village Store Healing Plante

Good for daily use
Did you know that beeswax has a plenty of other uses around our home life? Let’s look at some of them:

Arts & Crafts Beeswax is used in the ancient folk art called Batik, a method of fabric dyeing using hot wax and dye. Another traditional folk art is Pysanka, or Ukrainian egg decorating, which uses the same wax-resist method. Pysanka roots from the word “pysaty” which means writing, and indeed, designs are not painted but written with beeswax on the eggs. You can also switch from common paraffin crayons to beeswax crayons, which tend to be sturdier than their soy counterparts.

Food Storage - Did you know that according to National Geographic, 91 percent of plastic is never recycled? Luckily, cotton cloths dipped in beeswax and mixed with natural oils and resin are quickly becoming a natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. You can wrap cheese, half a lemon, bread, fruits and vegetables. You can over a bowl or pack a snack for your next adventure. A Vermont-based company called Bees Wrap is making beeswax food wraps that are washable, reusable, and compostable. They provide a versatile and durable solution for sustainable food storage that can be used again and again.

Household & Maintenance -  one of the main characteristics of Beeswax is its ability to coat, seal and protect. That’s why it can be helpful in the house in so many ways:

  • A fantastic lubricant for old squeaky furniture joints, sliding glass doors, windows or drawers to restore smooth and quite movement.
  • Coating nails & screws -  once you coat your nails and screws with beeswax, they do not splinter the wood while you hammer them in.
  • Coating your hand tools, cast iron, shovels (and their handles) with beeswax will keep them from rusting.
  • Furniture polish—Beeswax is a great furniture polisher. Mix it together with coconut oil and use a clean cloth to rub it onto your wood furniture.
  • It’s good to keep a small cake of beeswax in your sewing box. waxing the thread before use, makes it easier to thread the needle and will keep the thread from knotting.

Beeswax, in all of its natural versatility, can be purchased in many different places, including many farm markets, homeopathic and health stores, and right here through the Camphill Village Store. Keep some at home. We’re certain you’ll find it useful!

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